Mental Health Taskforce

The Mental Health Taskforce

So, this week sees the coalition launch their ‘Mental Health Taskforce’, tasked with finally giving this enormous issue some much-needed focus. As to how successful this will ultimately be, only time will tell. However it is cause for some optimism!

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Rocks in my Pockets

The trailer’s narrative almost mirrors the introduction to this website! And that’s because it’s very true: how are we supposed to stay sane in such an insane world?

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What’s your stress busting tip?

You don’t have to suffer from Manic Depression to suffer from stress. Each of us need a method for relieving the sludgy pressures of daily life that layer on top of each other. A LOT of us self-medicate with alcohol or something similar, but this is the most unhelpful thing you can do.

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Jeremy @ the Festival of Love

View a small selection of images from Jeremy’s talk to the Festival of Love weekend at the Southbank Centre on Sunday 17th August 2014.

Suggest a Tune

Music is such a healer – and a way of making us feel things and shake it all about.

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What would Ian Fleming have said about MacFreedom?

A popular misconception about novelists is they only require a desk with a typewriter, bottle of whisky, and two packs of cigarettes to plough their furrow in the middle of the night.  My view is that the process of writing is similar to the daily maintenance we all need for good mental health.

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