Informative, Entertaining Good Mental Health Talks

Missing jumbo jets, two million Syrian refugees living in tents, gladiatorial TV, the X Factor, the Y Factor, food banks, cyber bullying, addiction to social networks and the growing issue of loneliness – yes, the world is quite insane enough to deal with, let alone being a student dealing with the pressure of achieving straight A’s, perfect body image and trying to be the most popular kid on the block.

Welcome to Manic DepressionTerms such as bipolar, depression, self harm, manic, self esteem, anorexia, and anxiety are frequently mentioned on television, in newspapers and conversation but do we know what they actually mean? Even more importantly, do we know how to spot the warning signs of such things in others? Annoyingly, people suffering from some of these conditions do not come out in green spots.

Every family in the UK will experience some form of mental ill health at some point. Good mental health is as important as good physical health Prevention is better than cure.