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There are many things written about happiness- often pretentious, convoluted and not worth repeating. Yet back in 1820, writer and physician Alexander Chalmers might have nailed it with his deceptively simple comment about the three essentials you need to have in your life:

“Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.”

I do not believe we are entitled to be constantly happy. Whether we are 16, a parent, or a trainee in a company making widgets or Faberge eggs, bad days, bad times do happen. What matters is how we cope, how we deal with things. Putting mental health first saves lives. Conversely, if all else fails, watching these videos normally brings a smile to one’s face- however hard one tries to resist.

Jeremy has worked with dozens of schools and colleges across the UK, including:

Beneden School
Bishops Stortford
Bradford Grammar School
Brighton Girls GDST
Bristol Grammar School
Bruton School for Girls
Cokethorpe School
Epsom College
Eton College
Framlington College
John Lyon
King Alfred School
King’s College School, Wimbledon

King Edward VI School
Mill Hill School
Milton Abbey
St Mary’s Calne
Ratcliffe College
Reed’s School
St George’s Harpenden
St Paul’s School
Sherborne School
Shrewsbury School
Sutton Grammar School
The King’s School, Canterbury
Tiffin Girl’s School
Tonbridge School

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"Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all."

Bill Clinton

Published Books and Articles

A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health

Jeremy is the co-author of You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Have Manic Depression – The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health. The book comprehensively explores many of the facts and misconceptions associated with depression, and considers many aspects of our day-to-day lives which can be changed to manage the condition.

Visit Amazon

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Available as an ebook or in paperback format. Courtesy Michael Joseph & Pengiun Books.

Taking Leave

His partly autobiographical novel Taking Leave has received praise from Stephen Fry, Sue Townsend and A. L. Kennedy to name a few. A funny book about an unfunny subject. Taking Leave takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through meltdown, madness and beyond, where love, friendship and family are put to the ultimate test.

Jeremy Thomas Taking Leave
Visit Amazon

Purchase from Amazon

Available as an ebook or in hardback format.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

Jeremy co-produced the Emmy award-winning documentary The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. Stephen Fry presents this documentary exploring the disease of manic depression; a little understood but potentially devastating condition affecting an estimated two percent of the population.

Stephen embarks on an emotional journey to meet fellow sufferers, and discuss the literal highs and lows of being bi-polar. Celebrities such as Carrie Fisher and Richard Dreyfuss invite the comedian into their home to relate their stories.

Stephen also looks into the lives of ordinary people trying to deal with the illness at work and home, and of course to the people studying manic depression in an effort to better control it. A fascinating, moving and ultimately very entertaining Emmy award-winning programme.

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Below are useful websites for those affected by some of the mental health illnesses that will be discussed in the shows


Narcotics Anonymous

NA is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.


Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a fellowship of men and women who help others to recover from alcoholism.


NHS Alcohol Support

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first step to getting better, but it’s often the hardest one.

Jeremy Thomas British Anger Management Logo

The British Association of Anger Management

Attending an Anger Management is the first step towards a healthier happier life.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Mind Contact


Mind, the mental health charity, is here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Samaritans


Samaritans works to make sure there’s always someone there for anyone who needs someone.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Meeting the needs and break the isolation of those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.


Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

One of the UK’s most respected mental health charities.

Young Minds


However you’re feeling right now, things can get better.

Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK

Supporting people affected by mental health problems including friends, family and carers.