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Jeremy Thomas has delivered talks to Schools & Colleges all over the UK. They have been a wide success in helping Staff, Parents and students open discussions around mental health in a unique and engaging manner.

Click here to see the list of Schools we have worked with and go to our testimonial page to read some responses.

Jeremy is still available to book in person, but you can now stream and download

high-quality videos of our keynote talks and workshops via our Vimeo page.

What we present to you is a fine-tuned machine, complete with oil and a set of tools and instructions. In other words, a series of chaptered high-quality videos offering a compelling insight into living with a serious mental illness and what true, healthy resilience looks like.

Our recorded talks are available on the new Jeremy Thomas Talks Vimeo channel where they are split into the following series:

Keynote Talk: ‘How to stay sane in an insane world’

This is the mother-load. The talk that has led this project to where it is.
The talk gives a full explanation of Jeremy’s key ideas. Mainly the belief, ‘prevention is better than a cure’, and no matter who you are or the state of your condition, things can always get better. This talk takes you through Jeremy’s inspiring life story and life-threatening battle with mental illness and his recovery.

Whilst this talk covers some very sensitive content it is fused together with the brilliant sense of humour and warm compassion that drives Jeremy, making the talk accessible and relatable to everyone.

There is a high possibility you will laugh and cry. It’s even possible you will do it at the same time. But one thing is certain you will learn something valuable from this authentic talk that will help yourself and others around you.

Crucially it introduces the revolutionary dashboard of dials and explains how we can use it to keep balanced and maintain our mental health.

Talk Teasers

Short clips taken from the talks…


The dials are used in all our talks. They are a graphic, interactive display of our mental health, which need to be managed and kept in balance to prevent mental illness. They offer no cure, but instead are a mindful exercise helping you focus, observe, and adjust your levels, so you may become more balanced and aware.

Lifeboat Workshops

We are also thrilled to have available on our Vimeo page four lifeboat workshops, each thirty minutes long focusing on specific topics of mental health.

So far, this series includes videos on ‘Depression’, ‘Self-Esteem’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Stress, Anxiety & Trauma.’ As lifeboats the workshops are dedicated to helping you work on making lifesaving coping mechanisms that can be developed at a young age providing awareness and resilience for later life.

Each lifeboat floats about with each topic exploring what it feels like what you can do about it and what is best for you to help yourself and others.

Follow the links below to be taken to our lifeboat collection on our Vimeo channel.

Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

Explains how stress and trauma can cause mental illness

How stress creates conditions for anxiety

Examples of trauma scenarios, from bereavement to bullying

Talks through positive & negative stress and balancing stressful situations


Explains the term depression as an illness

Its prevalence in our everyday lives

What it’s like & the warning signs

Advice on countering and managing

How to help others

Self- Esteem

Talks through what Self-Esteem is & where it comes from

How to identify and work on it

Brings awareness to dangers of low self-esteem

Advice on how to regain & the positive effects for your mental health

How to help others


Explores where Resilience comes from

What its presence and absence feels like

Focus on the importance of its development, especially at young ages

Displays how good resilience can aid against all forms of mental illness

A to Z Guide of Mental Health

Some more good news, the ‘A to Z  Guide of Mental Health’ has been updated and a new version is now available for purchase. This book is a brilliant compendium of all the terms and topics that come up in discussions and work on mental health.

What’s even better is the A to Z guide is included for free with any purchases of our recorded Talks and Workshops as an invaluable tool to enhance teaching and discussion.

A to Z Guide of Mental Health


‘Jeremy spoke with engagement about keeping mentally well- his own life story made his talks impactful. Jeremy spoke to a variety of age groups in school and pitched the content just right- all of our students found the talk useful… Parents, staff and students all left his talks armed with a mental health toolkit and a set of tent pegs to apply to their daily lives…’

Wendy Fox, Deputy Head, Head of Classics Brighton Girls GDST February 2021

‘The pupils appreciated his honest and forthright delivery and clearly recognised some of the signs of stress that he was able to identify from his own experience. Teenagers often find it difficult to relate to anyone giving advice, but Jeremy’s approach provided an excellent platform to develop further valuable discussions on ways in which young people can ensure that they are better prepared for the stresses and strains of their formative years.’

Marianne Smith, Housemistress and Head of PSHE, Oundle School

‘Jeremy Thomas is a complete original. His writing, like his life, is a whirlwind of brilliance, wonder and blunder; by turns hilarious and terrifying. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Fry – Actor, Author


BSA Group Certified SupplierThere are many things written about happiness- often pretentious, convoluted and not worth repeating. Yet back in 1820, writer and physician Alexander Chalmers might have nailed it with his deceptively simple comment about the three essentials you need to have in your life:

“Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.”

I do not believe we are entitled to be constantly happy. Whether we are 16, a parent, or a trainee in a company making widgets or Faberge eggs, bad days, bad times do happen. What matters is how we cope, how we deal with things. Putting mental health first saves lives. Conversely, if all else fails, watching these videos normally brings a smile to one’s face- however hard one tries to resist.

Jeremy has worked with dozens of schools and colleges across the UK, including:

Beneden School
Bishops Stortford
Bradford Grammar School
Brighton Girls GDST
Bristol Grammar School
Bruton School for Girls
Cokethorpe School
Epsom College
Eton College
Framlington College
John Lyon
King Alfred School
King’s College School, Wimbledon

King Edward VI School
Mill Hill School
Milton Abbey
St Mary’s Calne
Ratcliffe College
Reed’s School
St George’s Harpenden
St Paul’s School
Sherborne School
Shrewsbury School
Sutton Grammar School
The King’s School, Canterbury
Tiffin Girl’s School
Tonbridge School

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"Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all."

Bill Clinton

Published Books and Articles

A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health

Jeremy is the co-author of You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Have Manic Depression – The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health. The book comprehensively explores many of the facts and misconceptions associated with depression, and considers many aspects of our day-to-day lives which can be changed to manage the condition.

Visit Amazon

Purchase from Amazon

Available as an ebook or in paperback format. Courtesy Michael Joseph & Pengiun Books.

Taking Leave

His partly autobiographical novel Taking Leave has received praise from Stephen Fry, Sue Townsend and A. L. Kennedy to name a few. A funny book about an unfunny subject. Taking Leave takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through meltdown, madness and beyond, where love, friendship and family are put to the ultimate test.

Jeremy Thomas Taking Leave
Visit Amazon

Purchase from Amazon

Available as an ebook or in hardback format.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

Jeremy co-produced the Emmy award-winning documentary The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. Stephen Fry presents this documentary exploring the disease of manic depression; a little understood but potentially devastating condition affecting an estimated two percent of the population.

Stephen embarks on an emotional journey to meet fellow sufferers, and discuss the literal highs and lows of being bi-polar. Celebrities such as Carrie Fisher and Richard Dreyfuss invite the comedian into their home to relate their stories.

Stephen also looks into the lives of ordinary people trying to deal with the illness at work and home, and of course to the people studying manic depression in an effort to better control it. A fascinating, moving and ultimately very entertaining Emmy award-winning programme.

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Below are useful websites for those affected by some of the mental health illnesses that will be discussed in the shows


Narcotics Anonymous

NA is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.


Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a fellowship of men and women who help others to recover from alcoholism.


NHS Alcohol Support

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first step to getting better, but it’s often the hardest one.

Jeremy Thomas British Anger Management Logo

The British Association of Anger Management

Attending an Anger Management is the first step towards a healthier happier life.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Mind Contact


Mind, the mental health charity, is here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Samaritans


Samaritans works to make sure there’s always someone there for anyone who needs someone.

Shed Talks (Jeremy Thomas) Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Meeting the needs and break the isolation of those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.


Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

One of the UK’s most respected mental health charities.

Young Minds


However you’re feeling right now, things can get better.

Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK

Supporting people affected by mental health problems including friends, family and carers.