Earnie Larsen

Earnie Larsen was an internationally renowned author and lecturer on self-help and recovery, covering topics such as anger, change, relationships, self-esteem and spirituality. However, it was his work surrounding depression which Jeremy urges his website visitors to explore by visiting:


An excerpt from the excellent Earnie Larsen website:

earnie-larsen-bookDepression is finally being taken seriously in our society. Bill boards, television specials, dedicated web sites and a multitude of books speak to the reality of depression and offer methods of combating its devastating power. Every aspect of a depressed person’s life suffers as a result of the disorder. Just as every family member of a depressed person’s life suffers.

But fortunately there is help. There is hope. Effective methods of dealing with depression are more readily available in our time than at any other point of history. What is needed is the willingness of a person suffering with depression to reach out and use the tools that are at hand.

Everything in human life is connected to everything else. Depression does not stand alone as an isolated experience in a person’s life. It is part of a destructive process that often includes anger, grief and indecision. To understand and recognize how this “depressive system” functions in a person’s life can be a great help in reaching out for help. Hope. There is always hope. Change is a choice.

Topics covered by our various products dealing with depression:

  • Moving toward a better understanding of the nature of depression
  • Understanding how the “depressive system” works in human life
  • Seeing the connection between grief, anger and depression
  • Rising up to hope
  • How meditation combats depression
  • Concrete steps for effective change