Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

Here with the Oxford & Cambridge Coxs & Captains is Our Sponsor Jason Anthony, Founder & Managing Director of MGAM during the week and at weekends can be found on the River Thames as an RNLI volunteer. An example of someone whose ‘actions speak louder than words.’

Jeremy Thomas speaking with C3 Chief Executive Christine Hancock

Jeremy talks to C3’s Workplace Health Movement

On November 17, C3’s Workplace Health Movement welcomed Jeremy Thomas to talk about the importance of preventing mental health problems and providing employees with accessible information and education about good mental health in the workplace.

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Full Fabric

Interview with Full Fabric

Jeremy was interviewed by Full Fabric, a service dedicated to working with universities to improve the quality of the educational experience.

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Exam pressure? Try breathing!

Stress Busting Breathing Exercise

Sit up straight, (or stand or lie down).  Breathe out.

Breathe in deeply, and, at the same time, relax your belly muscles.  Feel as though your belly is filling with air.  You will feel your stomach pushing outwards.

After filling the belly, keep inhaling.  Fill up the middle of your chest.  Feel your chest and rib cage expand.

Hold the breath in for a moment, then begin to exhale as slowly as possible.

As the air is slowly let out, relax your chest and rib cage.  Begin to pull your belly in to force out the remaining breath.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Relax your face and body.

Clear your mind and let everything go.

Try to do this for 3-5 minutes.

This has an immediate effect – you will feel relaxed but alert and your mind will feel clear.  Remember – oxygen is life’s natural tranquiliser!


Informative, Entertaining Good Mental Health Talks

Missing jumbo jets, two million Syrian refugees living in tents, gladiatorial TV, the X Factor, the Y Factor, food banks, cyber bullying, addiction to social networks and the growing issue of loneliness – yes, the world is quite insane enough to deal with, let alone being a student dealing with the pressure of achieving straight A’s, perfect body image and trying to be the most popular kid on the block.

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Germanwings aeroplane

Beware the Lubitz Backlash

Everyone is rightly shocked and saddened by the tragic deaths of the 150 people on board the Germanwings flight last week. It is vital, however, that the actions of one man, Andreas Lubitz, do not distort the way in which mental illness is viewed.

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I had a black dog

I Had a Black Dog, His Name was Depression

Just over two years old, this animated video from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is still a thought-provoking and accurate reflection of many people’s daily struggle with depression.

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Mental Health Taskforce

The Mental Health Taskforce

So, this week sees the coalition launch their ‘Mental Health Taskforce’, tasked with finally giving this enormous issue some much-needed focus. As to how successful this will ultimately be, only time will tell. However it is cause for some optimism!

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Rocks in my Pockets

The trailer’s narrative almost mirrors the introduction to this website! And that’s because it’s very true: how are we supposed to stay sane in such an insane world?

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What’s your stress busting tip?

You don’t have to suffer from Manic Depression to suffer from stress. Each of us need a method for relieving the sludgy pressures of daily life that layer on top of each other. A LOT of us self-medicate with alcohol or something similar, but this is the most unhelpful thing you can do.

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