Rocks in my Pockets

The trailer’s narrative almost mirrors the introduction to this website! And that’s because it’s very true: how are we supposed to stay sane in such an insane world?

I for one am looking forward to watching this film. An animated project, Rocks in My Pockets is the work of Latvian-born artist and filmmaker Signe Baumane, telling five wonderful tales based on the brave women in her family and their battles with mental ill-health. With limitless imagination and a dark sense of humor, she has created exciting stories of art, love, marriage, nature, money, and Eastern European upheaval—all in the fight for her own sanity. Using a unique, beautifully textured marriage of papier-mâché stop-motion and classic hand-drawn animation, Baumane has created a poignant and regularly humorous tale of intrigue, mental health and survival.

If you have watched Rocks in my Pockets please feel free to share your thoughts below.