Who remembers putting a tiger in your tank?

There seems to be almost constant sound-bites in the media about mental health these days. So many that you might want to tune out and bury your head in the nearest pot of sand.

TigerYet it is Mental Health Awareness Week. SO… we need to give emphasis to focusing on the answer to good mental health and spend less time droning on about the problem. I give a fair amount of talks to students and pupils at schools aged between 14 and 18. The talk attempts to explain what can go wrong with our mental health and what practical steps we can take to prevent that from happening- stuff like getting good sleep, dealing with anger issues, self image and self esteem – taking regular exercise. Most of it is dead simple but delivered in a fun and honest way.

The kids I talk to are responsive, good fun and much more hip to the trip than one might think.

Yo verily go forth and remember: Prevention is better than cure and laughter can be the best medicine?