Be the Boss of Your Own Washing Machine

Be-The-BossAren’t we all fed up with ‘Keep Calm’ posters? Here’s the antidote. Stay on top of the stress factor by not putting too much in your washing machine, your head!

How to stay sane in an insane world

A talk on Good Mental Health

The talk is approximately 40 minutes in length, suitable for Years 9-12. It is also available as a separate talk for parents and staff. Both talks are illustrated by fifty hard hitting and entertaining slides.

Jeremy has been giving talks to schools and universities since co-writing the Penguin book ‘A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health’ and co-producing the Emmy award winning documentary, ‘Stephen Fry, The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive.’ Jeremy’s talks are practical, humorous and informative. He is passionate about spreading a plain speaking message about good mental health for students, their friends and families.

Prevention is better than cure


Thank you so much for coming in yesterday. I’ve already had some very positive feedback from the students about your talk and from my point of view, I felt it was exactly what they needed. Thank you again for delivering such an informative, personal and inspirational talk, it really will have changed their view of mental health (for the better!).

Mary Nicholl, Alleyn’s School, Dulwich

I hear from my colleagues that your talk was excellent and hit just the right note with our 6th form, and I hope very much you will come to us again next year.

Meg Fitzgerald, Reed’s School

I’ve just had some really positive feedback about your talk from Rachael and also some of the girls that I saw. So thank you very much for that.

Mari Girling, Oxford High