Shed Talks Episode 15

An ambassador for honesty, ace songwriter Nicky Chinn talks about The Beatles, the Sopranos, being hospitalised aged 16 with Bipolar, friendship, co-writing with Mike Chapman, over 50 hit songs like Tiger Feet, Blockbuster. Mickey, Kiss You All Over.

Life Jackets

Films – The Godfather, Rocky, E T.

Novels – The Godfather- MARIO PUZZI, Da Vinci Code, Jack Reacher -Lee Child, John Grisham, Poem/Inspirational Writing James Baldwin – The Fire Next Time, First World War poets – Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke, Siegfried Sassoon.

Telly – Sopranos, David Attenborough, Line of Fire, Mad Men, The Good Wife.

Music – anything by The Beatles, Hey Jude. Strawberry Fields Penny Lane, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel, Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven, Righteous Brothers You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – Phil Spector at his best, Pet Dog – German Shepherd, Hobbies – watching sport, Listening to music, Writing about bipolar.

Meditation/Exercise – used to go to the gym a lot before knee op.

Gardening – never, other than growing my own marijuana in Los Angeles.


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