Shed Talks Episode 11

Tim Lott talks flexi pop, a train journey with David Bowie, severe depression, growing up in a working class family, the ups and downs of medication, how ADHD made sense of past actions, bad acid trips, the importance of tennis, the music of Gillian Welch, the challenge of being a parent to four daughters, why he thought Mike Leigh was faking it, and his passion for cheesy musicals. How the tragedy surrounding his Mother was instrumental in him becoming an award winning writer and being a top writer’s boot camp mentor:

Life Jackets

Film – Synedoche NY

TV –   Maniac

Music – Gillian Welch

Gardening – Tim hates gardening

Exercise – cycling, tennis, walking

Hobbies – carbohydrates, sleep, complaining


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  1. Ann Gauger on 26th October 2022 at 2:00 am Reply

    I am a member of Tim Lott’s Boot Camp and was referred here by him. It was a pleasure to hear some of his story because it gives context to what he writes and how he teaches. Despite the fact that I am a US citizen, female, and a scientist, I find that we share some elements in common. We grew up in the same era and I know what he means about being bored! I am forewarned about confessional writing, so I won’t say more. I look forward to his tutelage as I am a novice fiction writer, and I agree, it is not easy. No, I don’t talk like this usually. It’s the result of listening to Shed Talks and Brit envy.

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