Shed Talks Episode 20

Paul Unwin is the co-creator of huge hit TV show ‘Casualty’ with best friend Jeremy Brock, was the artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic, and collaborator and good friend of playwright Arthur Miller, to name a few accolades. He talks about the traumatic turning point of his life at the young age of 19, therapy and later EMDR, survivor’s guilt. His ethos is “Don’t live with regret, don’t live with fear”.

Paul also talks about his recent West End play ‘The Enfield Haunting’, as well as his new play, ‘The Promise’, about the birth of the NHS.

Paul has two children and a wife called Kate who he thinks of as his ‘very best friend’. Both his parents were in the diplomatic service, his father was an ambassador, his mother, interestingly, was a German Jew who managed to escape to England in 1938 from the Nazis. Paul’s other best friend is his dog, who he refuses to call a pet.

Life Jackets

FILM – The Conformist

TV – Hill Street Blues

MUSIC – Oh, where to start; Blood on the Tracks, Grateful Dead Live Europe 72, Leonard Cohen, Keith Jarrett, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs

PET/BEST FRIEND – Not my pet or my best friend but I will have to say KATE


HOBBIES – Drumming (pretty good), photography

EXERCISE – All I can do. Ski, cycle, walk (knees not brilliant)


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