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  1. Thank you so much for the talk – everyone i talked to at my school said that they really enjoyed it. I never hear much about how when a loved one dies the grief can trigger really serious mental health issues, so it was really useful to learn about that aspect of your talk. I also liked the ‘check your dials’ aspect of the talk and the ‘things i don’t want to do’ checklist was refreshing to learn about! thank you very much, Mr Thomas!

  2. It was really informative and also had the right amount of humour to make it interesting and engaging. I appreciated the personal anecdotes to help emphasise the importance of looking after mental health, and the tips given were logical and easy to apply to real life. Thank you Jeremy (aka Lord Thomas 🙂

  3. Jeremy’s talk was engaging and easy to follow and the topics covered were then followed with useful strategies. We thought the dashboard was a useful and simple tool for helping yourself assess and improve your own mental health; the concept of doing two things a day that you don’t want to to resonated with us. Jeremy is really charismatic and engaging and he managed to make a heavy topic more comfortable through humour and music. His personal stories made it seem more real and impactful.

  4. It was really an amazing talk. The way Jeremy talked with such honesty and enthusiasm made it entirely captivating and I thoroughly appreciated the humour throughout. Thank you!

  5. i liked your talk.
    it gave me a very good insight into key triggers and events and helped me understand depression, it’s causes and treatment better.
    i personally was in a ‘bad’ place, and i would like to assume i’m doing better, and to know you came out of it ,helps me + gives me hope.
    so thank you

  6. I was lucky enough to hear Jeremy talk at an ACAS event in Newcastle and what a speaker! He told a very entertaining story about an extremely serious subject and spoke with great candor. I found his talk very frank and informative. We hear a lot about depression and anxiety in the media these days and not a lot about what it is like to live with Bipolar Disorder, diagnosis and treatment. Jeremy is an inspiration with lots of practical advice on helping people with mental health issues. Thank you for your advice on writing it down then taking the notes to the GP – makes a difference to getting someone the help they need because there is not the pressure to recount the story over again. I will always remember the advice and 15 steps – where is the groove-omitor?

  7. I strongly believe that Jeremy Thomas is the best visitor I have ever listened to about mental health since I joined the school. I really liked how he spoke about his own life because it showed how he had such a great understanding of the aspects of depression and anxiety. I will always remember the advice he gave us.

  8. I thought it was brilliant. I spoke to Jeremy afterwards and he told me to do everything in 3s and that if he can get out of it, then so can I. It really did help me realise that I am not the only one and that I am never alone.

  9. I thought the talk was very inspiring – it was a very personal talk that many could relate to and unlike any visitor we have had. It was open and honest and showed that we can make it through hard times. It gave me a lot of hope for the future and I know it positively affected alot of people around me.

  10. I thought it was very educational and because Jeremy is honest and funny it made it very easy to listen to. It was valuable to learn how people with depression think and how we can help.

  11. A really amazing and helpful talk. Jeremy is a very charismatic speaker. The dashboard was a really valuable tool. The talk will really help me and people that I know.

  12. I found the championing of routine and manual task useful. I like the idea of constantly finding things that you are good at. It was thorough look at many disorders and mental hygiene. Committing thoughts to paper and noting things you are grateful for was really valuable.

  13. It was unlike any other mental health talk that we have had, in that it was not patronizing and didn’t give the impression that happiness is a choice – his message was mental health issues are valid illnesses. It addressed depression well and that it should not be a stigma.

  14. I was very, very impressed with his enthusiasm and energy. He showed me how to stay positive and how to stay well and the talk will help me to help myself and others dealing with mental health issues.

  15. The talk was very good and helpful, particularly when Jeremy talked about how he overcame depression and stress. It was valuable to learn that everything can be solved by yourself, friends and family.

  16. The talk was really good, great to hear about his personal experience of mental problems. How to deal with stress rather than just how to recognise it was helpful and that there are ways to recognise depression and ways to help others going through issues. By talking through what is happening you can help someone who is struggling.

  17. The talk was interesting, insightful and I enjoyed hearing his story as it added a personal dimension. I found the methods of dealing with stress particularly valuable.

  18. Jeremy is a very good speaker and very engaging. I liked the anecdotal story as it is very raw. He gave me a deeper explanation of what certain misconceived mental illnesses are really like.

  19. The talk was very funny and he didn’t take himself too seriously which helped me to relate on different levels. That your friends and family will help you through everything as long as you communicate. Jeremy changed my perspective and I realised there is no point in giving up as you will find a way to pull through.

  20. Jeremy’s talk was inspiring and interesting. The best part was his story and how he coped with mental illness. It was valuable to learn about how lack of sleep can affect depression and anxiety and the to do lists were really helpful.

  21. Jeremy’s talk was great. I enjoyed his personal stories, it meant you could connect with him and means he is knowledgable in what he talks about. It taught me how to spot the signs and to help someone, so it helped me and somebody I know who is struggling.

  22. This is the best talk we’ve had, funny despite the serious issues and I loved the handouts to take home and read. It was good to hear a real life anecdote and learn how you can recover. The coping mechanisms and warning signs were really valuable.

  23. I found his talk very interesting and enjoyed hearing his story but would have liked to know how he met his wife. I definitely need more sleep and I learnt that I didn’t realise the severity of other types of mental illness.

  24. The talk was presented well and I found the strategies on how to deal with mental issues very valuable. I think Rushcliffe should have more positive talks like this.

  25. I really like this talk as I felt as if I was listening to someone who really understood what they were talking about. It was good knowing that people are becoming more open about talking about mental illness. My family is very open about it as my sister has depression and so I feel as if it helped to understand her more.

  26. It was really good and the best part was the description of the illness. It was really valuable to realise that you cannot always tell if someone has a mental illness.

  27. I loved his energy and how brave he was to tell his own story and how he succeeded. As he has been through a mental illness himself, I felt as if he really did know what he was talking about. The most valuable thing I learned from this talk is that if Jeremy can overcome his mental issues, we can. I have learnt new skills and really respect Jeremy and thank him very much.

  28. I learned about how to calm down quickly with the breathing exercise that they do at the Royal Ballet. I also learned how writing things down can relieve stress.

  29. He was ‘real’ and didnt try to sugar coat it or dumb it down. I learned about prevention but also that you can climb up once you hit rock bottom. I liked that the talk was funny as it made it more relatable and I think humour encourages people to be more open about mental health.

  30. I hadn’t previously realised to what extent a mental deterioration could happen and you could still recover and live normally afterwards. I liked the honesty and real life examples of mental illness. It was really refreshing to have such an uncensored talk that wasn’t vague and uninformative as usual.

  31. Talking about his personal struggles was really brave. His focus was on getting better but not a cure. The talk struck a good balance between not promising a cure and not saying it will never improve. Tres groovy!!!

  32. I learned that even the luckiest people can be depressed. In order to improve mental health you need to talk to others about feelings and start the improvement yourself.

  33. He wasnt afraid to tell the truth and I like that. I learned that ordinary people can get mental illnesses. Mesmerising – genuinely fascinating and I loved how he talked about his own experiences.

  34. I learned the importance of self-esteem, confidence, believing and being optimistic. How to write down 8 things that you feel grateful for every day. Don’t panic and keep swimming!

  35. The talk was interactive and I enjoyed it. I learned how mental disorders can affect anyone and that the victims are rarely aware of the situation until its too late. It helped me further my understanding of the vulnerability of everyone and how mental health encompasses such a large spectrum of the population.

  36. I learned how mental disorders can affect anyone and that the victims are rarely aware of the situation until its too late. It helped me further my understanding of the vulnerability of everyone and how mental health encompasses such a large spectrum of the population.

  37. Life can be changed in an instant from rich in a glorious house, doing drugs to poor, homeless and lonely. It helped me understand bi-polar people specifically. I learnt not to push down those feelings and ignore them.

  38. He talked about his own personal life situation it made it feel real and different to other talks that would usually talk facts and figures.

  39. I really enjoyed the talk, I thought it was really inspiring and motivational for young teenagers and adults. It taught us how to control stress and anger, I enjoyed every part of the talk, especially his experience. It would have been useful if we had been given the sheets before half term as I and others during the holidays were stressed about revision.

  40. The speaker spoke to us openly and truthfully. The story he told was inspiring and very interesting. It was captivating and emotional. I would like to have known more about the hospitals he went to and the treatments he went through. I would have liked him to go into detail about how he actually felt, rather than just saying “massive ups and downs”.

  41. The most valuable thing I learned from the talk was that people can be helped to recover as long as you persevere there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I think it could help me or someone I know, especially later on in life when things are very stressful.

  42. Fantastic inspirational eye opening and informative talk. Great tips on establishing a routine, I learned how sleep is important, how bipolar disorder is a pendulum and don’t panic keep swimming!

  43. It was interesting and engaging, the story of Jeremy in America was amazing, eye opening and a funny talk. I learned how important good sleep was and how to go and talk to someone you trust.

  44. It was nice to hear both advice and relevant anecdotes, how to think and react to situations. I learned to be grateful and try to keep stress under control, to let your anger out and express your feelings.

  45. Inspiring. Some of his strategies for coping were useful. It was reassuring to hear from someone who has experienced health issues and to know that things do get better.

  46. Male, 16, Tonbridge School
    It was a very interesting and helpful talk. I now understand how people in that situation feel. An eye opening and funny talk. I learned that you should always stand up for yourself and always stay active. Get good sleep, talk to someone you trust.

  47. Jeremy is an enthusiastic and honest advocate for better mental health. It feels empowering to know the warning signs of mental illness and how to take action to help those around you.

  48. A very informative and interesting talk- Jeremy was so open about his experiences with mental health which gave it a balance of education, humor and an uplifting message. Something that people of all ages can take forward as a significant tool for managing difficulties in their lives, and covered topics that may not necessarily be addressed enough, particularly among young people. An interesting and inspiring account of a first hand experience.

  49. I thought it was really fascinating to hear what mental illness is like from a person’s perspective. I liked the tips on how to keep healthy mentally.
    It helped me to help someone I know.

  50. I was surprised. I wasn’t too sure on what the talk was going to be about, but I’m happy I was able to hear this. I really needed it. I really liked that Jeremy was honest about his life and himself, and wasn’t ashamed of any of it.
    I learned that we shouldn’t worry too much about life. It gave me an idea about myself as well.

  51. It was a good balanced talk and gave me an insight into the struggles of mental health and how it can affect anyone.
    It educated me on manic depression which I would have otherwise been ignorant to. He gave us the warning signs and ways to help.

  52. Very good, it highlighted how mental illness can affect anyone despite how successful they may be.
    ‘The Dashboard’ was simple, informative and easily implemented in everyday life.

  53. The talk told me how to help someone else cope with stress and especially bipolar disorder.
    Very interesting speaker, motivated to help others, his life story was very interesting.

  54. I liked how the speaker had gone through the disorder himself and shared his story & his mechanisms that help him. Also liked the checklist given.

  55. The talk was interesting and informing, the best part was the fact that Jeremy himself had gone through bipolar depression giving us a greater insight and understanding.
    I learned from the talk… to seek others when in need of help, and to not use alcohol as a way of ridding yourself of depression or other mental health issues. Also it helped me due to the fact that I now feel more informed and it therefore might help me in future events in aiding others who might need help.

  56. I thought the talk was extremely interesting & inspirational. I liked how he wasn’t afraid to talk about his troublesome life with confidence and help us get through difficult times ourselves. It was very well delivered and was very engaging.
    However difficult things may get, power through and don’t give up…always seek help and tell someone about your problems.

  57. I really enjoyed it. I liked how he wasn’t afraid to use his personal experiences. It makes depression seem like it can really happen to anyone, but you can get over it.

  58. Absolutely brilliant. I liked hearing your story because you showed me that mental health is okay and you can talk about it and admit it. One of the best talks I’ve heard. I learned about the dashboard and how there is something for everyone to help you overcome it.

  59. Absolutely brilliant. I liked hearing your story because you showed me that mental health is okay and you can talk about it and admit it. One of the best talks I’ve heard. I learned about the dashboard and how there is something for everyone to help you overcome it. I can now help others too.

  60. I liked listening to the personal stories as they more interesting than just facts.
    I learned that writing is therapy and the talk made me more aware of mental health.

  61. I enjoyed it because it was a unique story and shows that it can happen to anyone so you shouldn’t ignore it. I liked the visual aid and thought he related to us well.

  62. I loved how the talk was not just about your own mental illness but how one can help your friends. This made it more relevant to me.
    Jeremy’s talk helped me know what the right thing to say was to my friend going through a tough time. Most of it was fun hearted, loved the toolkit list.

  63. I learnt that if you are ever fed up about something – write it down. One of the best things you can do that will benefit both yourself and others is TALK ABOUT IT and SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES!

  64. I found Jeremy’s story extremely inspiring at how he managed to turn his life around and how much he has managed to achieve in his lifetime despite his obstacles. I found the talk almost a wakeup call to what people around me may be going through silently. I am certain it helped everyone else in the audience to either relate to themselves or someone they know.

  65. It was very eye opening as it helped me understand more about some mental illnesses.
    And the most valuable thing I learnt from the talk is – Never give up

  66. It was a very well written and presented talk which I found particularly appealing because of the real life situations explained throughout.
    And the most valuable thing I learnt from the talk was that mental health issues can happen without us knowing, with their true consequences being much greater in scale than I previously had thought.

  67. The thing I found most valuable from the talk is that when you find yourself in the deep, don’t panic and keep swimming!!!

  68. One of the most engaging aspects of this talk was that Jeremy was speaking from personal experience, thus his story resonated with us in an extremely powerful and hard-hitting way. The comic undertones of this lecture made the difficult themes more accessible.

  69. During the run up to exams, the subject of mental health is particularly relevant, and the insights he gave into coping with stress and emotions were invaluable.

  70. Female, 17, Brighton & Hove High

    I thought it was great and so informative, and I really liked how nice and personal the talk was. It was optimistic and funny! I learnt how to approach mental health disorders properly, and methods to cope with stress.

  71. Female, 15, Brighton & Hove High

    It was the best talk we’ve have had. And it was good how it wasn’t too focused on mindfulness – because it is often shoved down our throats!

  72. Female, 17, Brighton & Hove High

    One of the best talks we’ve ever had! It was enlightening to hear a personal story. I learnt that mental health can happen to anyone at any time and that it shouldn’t be such a taboo subject,

  73. Female, Brighton & Hove High

    My overall impression of the talk was that it was fabulous as it really motivated me and all of us. I learnt that no matter what happens, life has to go on and if you have someone who you can trust life becomes so much easier.

  74. It was relatable and didn’t alienate me. I understood what actions I need to take. I liked it when he talked about his life story and shown us that anybody could have a problem in their life.

  75. I thought that the talk was very good and inspiring! I especially loved the fact that he was so open with his story therefore, I loved the talk in general, although maybe the talk could include some more things about the students life, making it more interactive.

  76. It was quite interesting and eye-opening. Overall quite inspiring. I enjoyed how he was open to talk about his own experience as it was quite interesting to hear. It helped me especially since I have friends with these conditions so i understand what they are going through.

  77. I found it very helpful, personally, and I felt like he talked in detail about the issues. I liked the step by step talk through his experience. It helped me very much and I feel more confident about my ways in helping myself.

  78. The talk was very relaxed and it allowed us to be spoken to about a topic that doesn’t generally get spoken about much. He added a humor to something I struggle to see the humor in. It was the first talk on mental health that I had actually laughed in, and that was amazing.

    I learned to see the happiness in my mental illness. That is something I don’t think I’d ever say, but to hear someone like Jeremy joke about his low and high times was refreshing, I’d never heard anything like that. To me it was always gloomy but now I know that if i need to then I can talk about it in the same passionately humorous but still considerate way that he did.

  79. It was very good; considering I have mental problems, I found it identifiable and relatable. Of greatest value to me was the reminder that there is always a way to get better.

  80. Very engaging, informative and entertaining. Light-hearted and relatable, motivating and encouraging/inspirational. I learnt that you can get through life no matter what is thrown at you.

  81. Overall Impression: It was really good and Jeremy Thomas spoke truthfully to us and not down to us, which meant a lot. He gave strong helpful advice to those who needed it.

  82. Overall impression: I really like it and feel that it will help me in the future. I liked hearing about his life and seeing how happy he is now.

    Did it help you: YES IT DID! And if someone I know in the future feels like this, then I will know what to do!

  83. What was missing? What your documentary and book were about in more depth.

    Did it help? I think it will help me help my mum who suffers with manic depression through the various tips at the end.

  84. Overall Impression: The talk was amazing, I suffer from depression and had a patch in my life where I felt suicidal. The talk let me know that I wasn’t alone and I could tell Mr Thomas was really passionate. My favourite part was his story. It really touched me.

    Did it help you?: It helped me understand about bipolar (I have child depression so I didn’t understand bipolar) and helped me feel like I’m not the only one. My friend’s mum has bipolar, it really helped her know what to do.

  85. Overall impression: I was really impressed with Jeremy’s honesty about his own personal struggles. The way in which he combined what could be considered a difficult subject with humour and openness was really impressive and went a long way in providing a unique insight into the effects of mental illness

    Did it help you? I found it very interesting and I have no doubt of the 500 or so people who were present, it has made a significant impact on their understanding of mental health and their ability to address mental illness either in themselves or in those close to them.

  86. Most valuable thing I learned:That people can get fully better and back to ‘normal’, having ‘living proof’ of this after hearing Jeremy’s problems helped a lot more than a doctor saying it.
    Did it help you? I will help people I know and how I can support them best.

  87. Most valuable thing I learned: One can develop mental illness at any time in his life.
    Did it help you? It helped the future me and I could now recognise signs of depression/anxiety in close family members.

  88. What was your overall impression of the talk and what part of the talk did you like the most?
    Great tips and your story

    What was the most valuable thing you learned from the talk?
    Poor mental health = impaired judgement

    Did it help you? Or do you think it might help someone you know?
    Yes, and yes

  89. What was your overall impression of the talk and what part of the talk did you like the most?
    Very informative, helpful and interesting

    What was the most valuable thing you learned from the talk?
    Prevention is better than cure

    Did it help you? Or do you think it might help someone you know?
    Someone I know definitely

  90. It is a great talk, and I like the record company the best.

    What did I find valuable? Writing helps emotional crashes

    Did it help you? It did help me a lot on dealing with stress

  91. I thought it was really funny and informative. The part I liked best was when the speaker told his mental health story.
    My favourite animals are monkeys.

  92. The most valuable thing I learnt is to never give up on life, despite how miserable you feel, confide in someone, help and love yourself as you should end up happy if you try.

  93. Really impressed… it wasn’t a doctor or psychologist coming in to talk about depression/anxiety but a person who has actually experienced it.

  94. It was a very serious talk but it was very important for girls our age to hear as 13, 14 and 15 aren’t the easiest years, we are still trying to find ourselves.

  95. I enjoyed the fact that it was lighthearted and that I didn’t come out feeling worse than when you go in (which is usually what happens with these types of talks).

  96. I really liked the speaker, he was very good at keeping people interested and engaged.
    I learned the signs to look out for in people with depression and how to help them.

  97. Very well presented. Personal enough to be engaging without being uncomfortable. I particularly enjoyed the way the odd bits of humour offset the negative aspects of the topic.

  98. Such an inspiring talk delivered by a confident and captivating speaker who knew exactly how to fulfil the needs and desires of his audience members. The topic discussed is one that is often difficult to talk about, particularly to a teenage audience, but Jeremy managed to make it light-hearted, personal, as well as incredibly educational.
    Not only was the talk thought provoking and eye-opening, but it was incredibly helpful and relatable to those who have suffered with or been surrounded by the problems discussed.

  99. The talk was great and your story was inspiring. However I was very concerned with the self harm image that is very triggering, for those of us at the talk with mental illnesses or self harm use.

  100. Most valuable thing – Addictions are ways to relieve stress, however they could also be the cause of stress or they could possibly enhance stress

  101. I found his talks helpful and interesting to learn about how people were affected by polar disorder. It helped me realise how to recognise the symptoms and that it can effect so many people.

  102. Jeremy Thomas’s talk was very informative and taught us a lot about depression and mental illness that we may not have known before. Although it was a serious topic it was delivered humorously and lightly, which made the message easier to take in.

  103. I would have liked to hear more about the ‘deep’ points, how that felt and what was the turning point for you. The topic of ‘labelling’ all sorts of mental illnesses and disorders is something I would like to know more about.

  104. As a psychology student I found it really interesting to get a primary insight from someone who has suffered from a mental illness. Thomas’s talk was candid, discerning and he was quite Groovy. I loved that he shed light and dispelled myths on people with mental illnesses particularly Bipolar-disorder. Truly inspirational and I am looking forward to reading his books.

  105. It was very easy to listen to Jeremy Thomas. His talk was interesting, funny and made you think. I loved hearing stories of his life and what he has achieved. He has definitely helped me realise that I get quite stressed over things that I could easily not get stressed about.

  106. It was very inspiring and it showed me how good my life is at the moment. I liked the part where Jeremy talked about his time when he wanted to commit suicide.
    The talk did not really help me as I love myself and I do not think I would ever get depressed. I may help a couple of my friends now
    as they are very stressed nowadays.

  107. The most valuable thing I learned was the importance of identifying what makes me stressed an actively working to change these, rather than just saying “reduce stress” which is maddeningly unhelpful.

  108. We were lucky enough to have Jeremy visit our school today. I thought the talk was great – very genuine and very useful. Like other comments above mention there was a good balance of information, along with personal experience and humour. I liked structure of the talk – introduction to mental health problems, personal experience and then how to approach mental illness. Unlike other talks at my school, multiple times during Jeremy’s speech I found myself relating directly to what he was saying. I also liked the fact that although Jeremy’s personal experience of bipolar disorder involved some elements such as bereavement, having seemed to come from a fairly privileged background gave the message that “you don’t necessarily have to have suffered a terrible upbringing or have faced severe problems in you life to suffer from mental illnesses”. Thank you Jeremy, I thought it was great!

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